Enforcer 50

A light ship for increased operational capability


Length (m)


Width (m)


Draft (noun)


Moving (loaded)

11,250 kg


2 crew members + 4 people

Maximum range (NM)

up to 350

Maximum speed (knots)

up to 70

Engine type

Petrol / Diesel

Types of propulsion

Water jet drive / aft / surface


A thoroughbred interceptor / patrol boat featuring a deep V design, monohull specifically intended for roles where longer duty cycles and / or enhanced operational capabilities are required.

As with all Griffon-Cougar boats, the hull offers exceptional sea-holding capabilities combined with low drag figures, offering maximum performance in extreme weather conditions while offering a high level of cushioning and ride comfort.

The lightweight vessel can be manufactured from high quality aluminum or a composite structure of E-glass, aramid and carbon fiber reinforcement in an epoxy resin matrix.

Propulsion option 1:

Engines x 3 Yanmar 6LY3 – STP 440 diesel engines
Units x 3 surface units ASD8 Arneson
Speed ​​over 45 knots

Propulsion option 2:

Engines x 3 marine diesel engines FPT N67 560
Units x 3 surface units ASD8 Arneson
Speed ​​55 + knots

Propulsion option 3:

Engines x 3 Mercury 662 SCi
Drives x 3 Mercury NXT6
Speed ​​65+ knots