Passenger and commercial applications

Operating in a wide variety of applications, from passenger services to work on the water, research or freight.

The main advantages of the Griffon hovercraft for the commercial role are: the ability to travel at high speed on a wide variety of surfaces; the reliability and low maintenance costs of the modern diesel engine; the simplicity but robustness of the construction; the ease of operation and maintenance; the high degree of maneuverability; and the ability to adapt the boat in a wide variety of configurations.

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Passenger carriage

Traditional passenger boats often have to slow down in streams or lagoons due to the amount of waves they produce or the wake they produce at speed. Griffon Hoverwork boats produce virtually no high-speed swell or wake, which authorities and environmentalists consider extremely important. Travel times are also reduced. Our hovercraft can travel on rivers, tidal estuaries, lagoons, etc. which cannot be navigated by conventional ships, being able to guarantee connections with areas that were previously inaccessible.

A reliable work vehicle

All our hovercraft can be equipped with hydrographic and seismic detection equipment, core drilling, sampling, surface treatments for insects or pestilence, fish surveys, etc. The Griffon hovercraft allows the operator to reach areas with shallow water, normally inaccessible by any other means. A lot of time is saved as the boat is not limited by tidal conditions.

Technical support

Our Hovercraft are used all over the world in a technical support role. Wherever there are difficulties in providing shore based naval services for engineering work such as dredging, cable and pipe laying in shallow water and marginal land. Griffon’s hovercraft can provide a round-the-clock solution. Not having to rely on ports, Griffon’s hovercraft can be based on the unprepared beach or coast line. When they are not providing support to offshore equipment, they can offer essential emergency rescue service.

Discover the complete range of our products