A hovercraft can operate where no boat can venture. Great for raids, surveillance and emergencies.

Our hovercraft will accomplish any task performed by a fast boat, but it will also operate where no boat can venture. On land and sea mines, sand, mud, ice, snow, rocks, weeds, logs, debris and rapids. Griffon Hoverwork boats are powered by diesel engines and are in service with Navy, Army and paramilitary operators around the world. All of our boats are available with different levels of ballistic protection to meet the needs of our customers. The Griffon hovercraft is used for numerous military and paramilitary roles.

Detect and respond

Hovercraft has some unique properties that make them ideal for detecting and responding to situations. The versatility of hovercraft in offering a combination of improved search tools with its ability to provide a confident response team on the action scene makes it a winning asset, offering benefits in terms of detection, concealment, situational awareness, mission preparation and mapping, and cost savings. Quick and precise in intervention, it is an irreplaceable amphibian.

Minesweeper & De Undermine

The Griffon hovercraft, with its low-pressure cushion design, can operate on mines placed in deep or shallow water, as it produces virtually no ground pressure, acoustics or magnetic indications.
Since the aircraft’s air cushion and flexible skirts absorb most of the shockwave from the mine that should explode, they can be deployed more safely and economically as minesweepers / de-terminus than conventional boats.

Logistics / Troops and Vehicles

Griffon’s hovercraft has the ability to quickly transport troops and equipment to a beach, regardless of the tidal state or nature of the surface. Which means that troops and equipment will land safely and quickly on land. The Griffon Hoverwork range can be configured to carry loads and vehicles up to 22.5 tons, as well as being configured to carry different tiers of weapons and have ballistic protection to meet customer needs.

Quick attack and amphibious assault

At high speed the boat produces practically no wake. A trail leaves a significant signature overnight, particularly if it also induces phosphorescence. Not being constrained by shallow water, mud or terrain, a Griffon hovercraft is an ideal vehicle for a quick attack. That’s why numerous armies have chosen a Griffon hovercraft to operate quickly and safely

Hovercraft Europe - hovercraft di difesa - hovercrft militare

Control of borders, borders and immigration

Thanks to its high speed and amphibious capability, the hovercraft is particularly suited to areas where it is difficult or impossible to operate conventional boats or vehicles.

With very shallow water around some of the coasts and offshore islands, a Griffon 8000TD hovercraaft, with a maximum speed of 50 knots and armed with a half-inch machine gun, proved to be the ideal vehicle for police / customs and Coast Guard from different countries.

Also excellent for rescue and containment of illegal landings of immigrants.

Surveillance platform

Griffon Hoverwork boats provide an ideal surveillance platform. Conventional boats must remain offshore and in the open, visible to all. However, a hovercraft can pass over a dried up beach or river bed, conducting continuous and continuous surveillance. With the added benefit of the direct line, hot pursuit if the opportunity presents itself. Hovercraft is also ideal as a mobile helm station.

Patrol range

As seen in the photo on the left, the Belgium Army Griffon 2000TD hovercraft has been adapted for drone recovery in a designated area. This area includes open sea, surf and a large stretch of muddy beach, an area generally inaccessible to any other boat.
Griffon Hoverwork’s activities can generate extensive reconnaissance capacity, moving from offshore to coast and deep into the land through a river network. In addition, during an extended and unsupported period, they will deploy and recover the “reconnaissance patrols” on foot.