Hovercraft 5 posti

HE5 Diesel

5 seater Hovercraft: unique in the world of its kind.

– In homologation 
– World novelty

Griffon 995ED

The latest born is excellent and reliable. Technology and reliability for an exceptional machine.

Griffon 2400TD

Excellent performance in a compact vehicle.

Griffon 8100TD

Great logistics hovercraft.


HE2 40HP

Two-seater hovercraft, without a boat license.

Griffon 380TD

Suitable for coastal and inland water. Easy to carry and ready to use.

Griffon 8000TD

Reliable vehicle of line.

Griffon 12000TD

The best hovercraft technology for passenger carriage.


Enforcer 40

A modern and ultra fast boat.

Cougar C11

Offers greater flexibility.

Cougar C10

Offers better acceleration.

Enforcer 50

A light ship for an increased operational capability.

Enforcer 46

A proven design with exceptional sea-keeping capabilities.