Griffon Cougar C11

Offers greater flexibility


Length (m)


Width (m)


Draft (noun)


Moving (loaded)

5.00 tonn


2 crew members + 4 people

Maximum range (NM)

up to 260 to 40 knots

Maximum speed (knots)

up to 60

Engine type

Petrol / Diesel

Types of propulsion

Water jet drive / aft / surface


Slightly larger than the Griffon-Cougar C10, the C11 Inflatable Boat (RIB) offers greater flexibility for power and payload.

The hull is designed with chines and a double step to improve acceleration while the stem is flattened to provide a large area for boarding and boarding on the bow; the structure will be of a composite construction reinforced with fibers using glass fiber, aramid fiber and vinylester resin. An inflatable foam / air collar is mounted around the parapet and constructed of heavy “Hypalon” material with rubber reinforcement on the outer surface to withstand frequent impacts and abrasions during boarding operations.

The ship is organized with an aft control console equipped with main controls, steering, navigation and communication equipment. The anti-shock seats for the crew will be positioned in front of the control console. A hardtop is available for mounting above the console and seating area to provide protection from the elements.

Power is provided by a double or triple outboard motor with hydraulic steering with power steering and electronic engine controls offering speeds up to 65 knots.