Griffon Cougar Enforcer 46

A proven design with exceptional sea-keeping capabilities


Length (m)


Width (m)


Draft (noun)


Moving (loaded)

10,600 kg


2 crew members + 8 people

Maximum range (NM)

up to 450

Maximum speed (knots)

up to 70

Engine type

Petrol / Diesel

Types of propulsion

Water jet / unit area


Another modern, ultra-fast craft with a deep V design, monohull specifically intended for roles in surveillance and interception duties.

The proven hull has been developed from over thirty years of experience and offers exceptional sea-holding capabilities combined with low drag figures, delivering maximum performance in extreme weather conditions while offering a high level of cushioning and ride comfort.

The boat has a composite structure and features fiberglass and aramid (KevlarTM) fabrics with a high performance isophthalic vinylester resin.

The Enforcer 46 is powered by twin or triple inboard diesel engines that drive water jets or surface drive units for higher speeds via a marine hydraulic gearbox.

The cockpit is configured for two crew members and up to eight specialists with shock-absorbing seats and is available in either an open version with sun protection bimini or in versions of the included wheelhouse. The front of the cockpit is a cabin with two berths and limited home facilities.

Engine options:

Yanmar / FPT / Scania / Cummins / Seate

Opzioni del motore:

Yanmar / FPT / Scania / Cummins / Seatek