Griffon 2400TD

Work hovercraft


Length (m)


Width (m)


Passengers (crew excluded)

15 -18

Minimum crew


Maximum payload (tons)


Unladen mass (tons)


Average autonomy (hours)


Maximum speed at full payload (knots)


Engine type (diesel)

1 x Deutz

 Hovercraft da lavoro


Tireless work hovercraft

The Griffon 2400TD is a fast, versatile and robust single-engine amphibious hovercraft capable of carrying loads up to 2400kg. The 2400TD Hovercraft was designed and built for the British Royal Marines, modernizing their fleet of 2000TD Hovercraft, after many years of successful operations.

The 2400TD offers greater payload, obstacles and performance than all competitors in its class.
The cabin design is fully configurable for seats, cargo and armaments.
A choice of cabin superstructure allows the craft to perform a wide variety of roles, making it ideal for military, rescue and commercial applications.
The diesel engine delivers fast and safe performance over a wide variety of terrains and conditions.
The marine aluminum hull guarantees strength, reliability and longevity.
The design of the 2400TD with foldable side platforms, allows the user to reduce the width of the boat, for easy transport by road, sea or air.
Access hatches are provided in the side decks to facilitate maintenance of the skirt and hull.
There are four lifting points, with mooring cleats at the bow and stern.
An upgraded version of the aircraft is used by the Swedish Coast Guard in the Northern Baltic. Modified to carry and deploy two snow scooters, it offers a unique year-round service, including over-ice patrol capability.

Hovercraft da lavoro
Hovercraft da lavoro
Hovercraft da lavoro
Hovercraft da lavoro
Hovercraft da lavoro