Griffon 995ED

9 seater Hovercraft 


Length (m)


Width (m)


Passengers (crew excluded)


Minimum crew


Maximum payload (tons)


Unladen mass (tons)


Average autonomy (hours)


Maximum speed at full payload (knots)


Engine type (diesel)

85kW Ford Duratorq Tiger

Hovercraft 9 posti


9 seater Hovercraft, light but extremely robust

The all-new Griffon 995ED, 9-seater Hovercraft, is fully amphibious capable of carrying a maximum payload of 995kg, or up to 9 people, at high speeds over a variety of surfaces.

The very large and accessible main compartment has equipment options for many different roles such as search and rescue, detection, passenger ferry or military operations.

The latest innovation in manufacturing techniques ensures that the hovercraft are extremely light while maintaining the robustness of the Griffon brand. The dimensions of the aircraft are such that it can be traveled on the road with deflated lateral bodies.

The extremely light and efficient hull is constructed of marine aluminum alloy and designed to comply with ISO 12215-5: 2008. Both parts of the hull are flat inflatable sidewalls to which the skirt is attached. This innovative system significantly improves the work area over similar sized hovercraft, while maintaining the ability to deflate for transport.

The 995ED comes standard with a GRP wheelhouse over the operators position which provides weather protection to the front seat and controls. The cab can be outfitted in a number of role options, including additional seats, bar stops and equipment tie-down points.

Unique to the 995ED are its 2 standard hybrid power modules which contain a world-tested and supported 85kW Ford Tiger diesel engine that drives a highly efficient integral lift fan and electric generator. If one power module is idle, the aircraft can only be operated (with reduced performance) on the other.